Everything you can imagine is real

-Pablo Picasso

Accelerating prosperity
on the African continent.

We empower innovators to drive Africa’s transformation: We invest in early stage impact driven technology solutions across African markets. Focused on accelerating prosperity on the continent, we are sector agnostic in our approach to investing in visionaries challenging the status quo.

Our investment approach is centered around our desire to catalyse economic growth by addressing challenges in financial inclusion, democratisation of access, interconnectedness and improving quality of education and healthcare.

We invest in companies and individuals who share our values and are dedicated to creating sustainable and long-term value.


We enable visionaries creating ingenious solutions to power Africa’s transformation.


Ethical credit collection manager leveraging ML and AI.


Automation and digitalization of education operations.


Connecting central banks and financial services providers to build a more inclusive ecosystem.


Improving the productivity of financial teams and professionals through data visualization, aggregation and automation.


Deploying a data-driven financial product brokerage for SMEs, specifically designed to enable businesses with a focused service approach.


Women-centric financial products, networking communities and financial literacy and empowerment.


Enabling businesses to finance, manage and monitor their regional logistics. Active across in Ghana and Nigeria.


Democratising Clearing and Settlement for Fintechs and Banks in Africa.


Connecting hospitals to critical medical products and supplies needed to save lives.

Pharmacy Marts

Building efficiencies across the pharmaceutical ecosystem through end-to-end B2B marketplace and embedded financing solution.

Probe Compliance

Deploys cutting edge technology to help its customers screen their clients with its proprietary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) search tool that handles Adverse media and Sanctions with API capability.

Thrill Digital

Revolutionising the fashion industry and its engagement with Web3 technology in a play-to-wear metaverse setting.


Enabling corporates and governments to digitalise and automate their decision-making.

Our success is driven by our people.

We are deeply passionate about Africa’s growth and firmly embedded in the African tech ecosystem.

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We invest in high-growth startups across all industries and welcome applications from founders working on exciting ventures.
We’re interested if:


  • Your company is an early-stage African startup.
  • Your solutions are Africa-focused.
  • You have launched your startup or have initial traction (i.e. money, users, etc.).
  • You are a high-growth technology or tech-enabled business.
  • Your company is creating socio-economic impact.
  • You have a strong and diverse founding team.